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Horse Safari in Rajasthan

Duration : 7 Days/6 Nights or 8 Days/7 Nights or 9 Days/8 Nights
Destinations Covered : Rajasthan

We offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the real India, away from the mass tourist circuit. Visit the state in India that has everything but the sea. Enchanting lakes and gardens, majestic forts and palaces, shimmering sands of the desert, the eternally enduring Aravellis mountains and is known as the "Land of the Princes".Routes are selected to provide a wide range of riding conditions; to visit places of special interest (i.e. Jain Temples of Ranakpur, Kumblegarh "Cloud Palace" and "Great Wall"); see remote villages and their tribal groups; enjoy festivals, fairs and the beautiful wildlife of Rajasthan

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ABOUT The Ghanerao/Narlai/Kumbalgarh/Sardarsamand/ Sodawas


Ghanerao, a small village located in the desert state of Rajasthan, is famous for its heritage, landscape and wildlife. A quiet village with an assortment of temples, step wells and marble archways, Ghanerao and its vicinity abound in temples, both Hindu and Jain. There are about eleven Jain temples (a few of them quite old) in the village itself. Besides these are the temples of Laxmi Narainji, Murlidhai and Chabhiya. On its outskirts is a temple dedicated to Lord Mahadev. The temple of Gajanand is worth seeing for its enormous statue, which is flanked by goddesses Ridhi and Siddhi, guarded by Hanuman on one side and Bhairon on the other.


Narlai- a 400 yrs old castle. Lunch followed by Visit to Narlai village along with guide . Here the clients are Exposed to various aspects of rural life such as their living places, the conditions they survive in, their source of income, kinds of traditional clothes they wear and their customs. Narlai alone has About 500 temples within the village. Evening are enriched with Rajasthani cultural programme along with an early dinner as Coming days are going to be hectic & full of activities.


Kumbalgarh fort from wherethey start their safari. Safari passes admist some rough terrains and rocky patches where rider need to go slow and be very careful while crossing the small streams of water. Lunch is arranged enroute by us at ghanerao Castle.Enroute they would also come across villages belonging to local Tribals and nomad sheperds, riders would also have a glimpse into their lifestyle and would also spend some time with them interacting about their past , their culture, how different they are from other nomads, their normal rountines etc. The safari would finally end up at famous Ranakpur Jain temples. Night halt is at Ranakpur Castle. After Breakfast safari would continue through this region. The highlight of this day are the Short treks which would be undertaken during the course. The biking safari would continue from Ranakpur and pass through some archeological sites and the famous muthana lake as well. One can also see the migratory birds. The night halt would be at Rawla Narlai . Nights are enlightened with Cultural programme along with Dinner served by Bonfire.
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Sodawas was given in Jagir to late thakur Bishan Singhji by His late Highness maharaja Shri Umaid Singhji of Jodhpur in the year 1943 along with two other villages, before which it was a 'Khalsa' Village, meaning for three decades it was under the direct rule of Marwar state (Jodhpur). On arrival you enter through a grand gateway into the Karni Kot - Sodawas, which is still owned by the family of thakur Bishan Singhji.


Sardar Samand palace is a superb art deco hunting lodge built by Maharaja Umaid Singh in 1933. All the original feature have been retained and the expansive grounds and gardens offer delightful walks, overlooking the large lake teeming with bird life, the lake resort affords one of them most breathtaking views of the lake.

Most of the horses used on safaris are Marwari & Khatyawari, a pure Indian breed of horse, instantly recognisable by their distinctive curly ears,stamina and their faithfuness and loyalty to their master.Others are Katiawari or Sinde. Using all these breeds allows for temperament of horse to meet the reqirements of each rider.Some Marwari horses will trot and canter,but others will naturally break in to a different gait,called in Hindi "RAWAL". In english, it is known as a kind amble, aplace or a rack.This gait,orignally evolved in Desert conditions and gives extremely smooth ride. It also offers additional challenges to European riders. A groom is provided for all the horses but riders are expected to take the same care and show the same interest in their horses welfare as they would feel if they were their own.

Duration: 12 NIGHTS / 13 DAYS

Most of the horses used on safaris are Marwari & Khatyawari, a pure Indian breed of horse, instantly recognisable by their distinctive curly ears,stamina and theirfaithfuness and loyalty to their master.Others are Katiawari or Sinde. Using all thesebreeds allows for temperament of horse to meet the reqirements of each rider.SomeMarwari horses will trot and canter,but others will naturally break in to a different gait,called in Hindi RAWAL. In english, it is known as a kind amble, aplace or a rack.This gait,orignally evolved in Desert conditions and gives extremely smooth ride. Italso offers additional challenges to European riders.

Day 01.. Arrive at Delhi Airport, transfer to domestic Airport. O/N JDH

Arrive and Transfer to Domestic airport, to fly to Jodhpur spend overnight in a comfortable hotel. Sight seeing Jodhpur.(If possible). O/N Jodhpur
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Day 02..Jodhpur to Luni Fort. O/N

Morning after breakfast. Full sight seeing of jodhpur and then transfer to Luni fort. Meet up with the safari crew, who will be looking forward to greet. O/N luni Fort.

Day 03.. Luni Fort to Rohetgarh. O/N

Luni fort is a beautiful fort carved out of Red sand stone, situated 25Km from Jodhpur. Mounting on the horses at about 10am, moving towards south we ride through small villages consisting of mud houses and green fields belonging to Bishnoi (an oldest conservationist's tribe, which practice the religion on 29 norms). One can also interact with the many colorful people of the region. Coming across a variety of wildlife such as antelopes is common on this route. We can capture daily routine life of the villagers in the cameras if you wish, at about 12 noon, we are attended by our staff party, a delicious and fresh cooked hot buffet lunch is served which is a mix of continental and Rajasthani cosine accompanied with chilled beers and cold drinks. It is a beautiful secluded railway halt without a soul in the middle of the semi-arid desert with antelopes grazing. After lunch you cross country in the desert after riding for another two and a half hours, we reach our next destination Rohet. Evening is spent sitting around a bonfire enjoying drinks and discussing all quarries and questions of happenings witnessed during the ride as you are entertained with enchanting folk music. O/N Rohetgarh.

Day 04.Rohetgarh to Sardarsamand Palace. O/N

starting in the morning at around 9.00 AM cross Rohet and small Villages of Gujjar tribe whose livelihood depends on Cattle. Moving towards South-East crossing the Deserted lands we come across a number of different sectors and cluster of houses belonging to different communities. Around 1.30 PM we stop for lunch at a shady place near a water hole. After lunch we again move towards our destination Sardarsamand Palace which we would be able to see from long distance. It is a palace built in 1920 in modern art deco style with red sand stone over looking a dam. We reach there by 4.30 PM. O/N Sardarsamand palace.
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Day 05.Sardarsamnd to Jungle Camp. O/N

Enjoy the pleasant morning at Sardarsamnd Palace and after breakfast take charge of your mount again. After a ride of few Kms crossing some beautiful rural settlement we stop for lunch at around 12.30 PM at a water hole or a settlement. After taking a rest we again start crossing the barren lands with over growth of acacia tree. We reach our camp site at around 4.00 PM and settle ourselves in our tents. Here we sit around a bonfire, relaxing with drinks followed by dinner, under the starlit sky. Night is spent in fully furnished cottage tents with attached bathroom. O/N Jungle camp..
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Day 06.. Jungle Camp to Fort Auwa. O/N

starting at leisure leaving behind our camp site we move towards the South and the farmlands of Godwar region. We move parallel to the Aravalli range crossing some interior villages and lakes, we come across a variety of colorful people who belong to the seervi and other communities depending on their live stock and small farmlands. By noon we reach our lunch place near a waterhole. After resting we again start for our destination and reach historical fort of Auwa by sun set. The nobles of Auwa were the head nobles and the Prime Ministers of the erstwhile Kingdom of Jodhpur for generations. Also the first noble to rebel against the British during the Indian mutiny of 1857. The evening is spent around the bonfire with the Auwa noble family enjoying our cocktails and listening to old tales of vailour. O/N at Auwa Fort.

Day 07.. Fort Auwa to Rawala Jojawar. O/N

Leaving behind the rugged fort of Auwa we move through rich fertile fields, we come across a variety of crops the water is abundant in this area and one can witness this through surroundings. We halt at around 12.30 noon at a beautiful farm which grows fresh vegetables and flowers. After lunch we move forward and cross a few old villages which show the prosperity of the native people we reach Jojawar at around 5.30 pm situated on the edge of Aravalli hills. O/N Jojawar rawala.
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Day 08.Rawala Jojawar to Rawala Kotdi. O/N

Starting at 8.30 in the morning after breakfast we move parallel to the Aravalli range one can notice the change in the land as we are heading towards the ranges. Passing through scenic terrain we stop for lunch and little rest. After lunch we again move forward crossing through dry river beds and sandy terrain we reach a very small shepherd village where we stop for a few minutes to catch some amazing moments in your camera. Crossing through dam and thorny forest tracks we reach Kotdi an amazing castle of 17 century. The Host here has been former captain of Indian polo team. O/N Rawala Kotdi.
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Day 09.. Rawala Kotdi to Ranakpur. O/N

At crack of dawn we ride close towards Arravali hills, leaving behind Rawala Kotdi to its former glory. Riding through different hamlets inhabited by bhils. A former warrior tribe, who have opted farming as livelihood now. Crossing open water wells and few dry monsoon ridges, we reach our lunching spot. Where our chef and attendants surprises us by chilled beers and hot soup. After having fresh cooked hot food, we once again take charge of our mounts and by sunset we reach our destination Ranakpur. Where the world famous Jain temple intricately carved in white marble.In the evening visit the temple. O/N Ranakpur.
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Day10.. Ranakpur to Beda(Leopards lair). O/N

In the morning after a late breakfast at 9:30am we start moving west of Ranakpur in to the forest. After a few km rugged ride of ups and downs we step in to the hart of Aravalli and can encounter various wild animals if lucky enough. The track is full of pugmarks of leopards sloth bears hyenas jackals etc. we stop for our lunch at a scheduled place at around 12:30 noon. After lunch we move further crossing many settlements of Grasia tribe the most colorful tribe of Rajasthan which has a strong hold in this region. By sunset we reach our Beda Leopards Lair, where beautiful cottages awaits us. We spent the evening around a camp fire enjoying our drinks and chatting. O/N Leopards lair
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Day11.. Beda (Leopards lair )to korta escape. O/N

After breakfast we set our mounted journey once more. Crossing few more settlement of Grasia tribe in the forest, we come to lush green fields and then we pass by the main town of Bijapur which is the head quarter of many tribal villages, riding few more km we reach our lunch spot. After lunch and little rest we continue our ride. As we cross beautiful area full of rocky and romantic hills, and few villages we reach korta to witness the most beautiful sunset in the aravali range. Korta is beautiful place with many 15th century temples along Aravali range, lush green fields and large sand dunes. It is known as Home to Marwari breed horses. Blue bulls are also in abundant in this village. In the evening we are entertained by local tribal musicians and dancers. O/N Korta Escape.
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Day 12.. Kortaescape to Kortaescape. O/N

After breakfast, in the morning visit into the village and interacting with the locals to see the true insight of the rural Rajasthan. Also visit the age old temples in the village. Lunch at Kortaescape. After lunch take some rest and later Set on to Jeep excursion In wilderness, around 16:30Pm. Viewing beautiful landscapes and sighting Exotic Birds, Antelopes & wild Boars.Tea/coffee at sundown. Late evening cocktail & dinner. O/N Korta escape.
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Day 13.. Kortaescape to Udaipur. O/N

After breakfast take a scenic drive to udaipur(2.30 hrs drive) . Arrive by lunch time and check in a heritage hotel. Sight seeing of the lake city and Public boat ride in the evening. O/N Udaipur
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Day 14.. Udaipur to Udaipur. O/N

After breakfast sight seeing City Palace City walk and visit monsoon palace from where you can have the most beautiful view of city of lakes(Udaipur). After lunch visit art center for demo, where artist paints miniature paintings in mineral colors. O/N Udaipur
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Day 1: Jodhpur-Dhamli
Day 2: Dhamli
Day 3: Dhamli-Sodawas (25 Km)
Day 4: Sodawas-Khimara (35 Km)
Day 5: Khimara-Korta (25 Km)
Day 6: Korta Mahilabagh (35 Km)
Day 7: Mahilabagh-Siyana (25 Km)
Day 8: Siyana-Rahuwa (100 Km)
Day 9: Departure Udaipur or Jodhpur or Mount Abu

Day 1: Deogarh
Day 2: Deogarh-Jojawar (25 Km)
Day 3: Jojawar-Kumbhalgarh (25 Km)
Day 4: Kumbhalgarh-Ranakpur (35 Km)
Day 5: Ranakpur-Khimara (25 Km)
Day 6: Khimara-Sodawas (35 Km)
Day 7: Sodawas-Dhamli (25 Km)
Day 8: Dhamli-Rohit
Day 9: Departure to next destination

Day 1: Rohit
Day 2: Rohit-Sardar samand (25 Km)
Day 3: Sardar samand-Dhamli (35 Km)
Day 4: Dhamli-Kotri (35 Km)
Day 5: Kotri-Ghanerao (35 Km)
Day 6: Ghanerao-Ranakpur (25 Km)
Day 7: Ranakpur-Kumbhalgarh (25 Km)
Day 8: Departure to next destination

Day 1: Jodhpur-Luni
Day 2: Luni-Rohit
Day 3: Rohit-Sardar samand
Day 4: Sardar samand-Sodawas
Day 5: Sodawas-Kotri
Day 6: Kotri-Ghanerao
Day 7: Ghanerao-Aodhi
Day 8: Departue Aodhi to Udaipur by road

Day 1: Sardar samand
Day 2: Sardar samand-Jhlamand
Day 3: Jhlamand-Chandlao garh
Day 4: Chandlao garh-Khejarala
Day 5: Khejarala fort-Balaunda
Day 6: Balaunda-Pisaganj
Day 7: Pisaganj-Pushkar

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